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Process Automation

Application domain

The original promise of CAE was to eliminate physical prototypes and tests, yet nearly 50 years into the journey physical prototypes are still key milestones in almost every design program. The reason why comes down to confidence; many engineers and their management simply don’t trust that they get reliable results using CAE. Simulation technology is not the problem; most companies have demonstrated that when best practices are followed, results are consistent and correlate well with the physical world. Inconsistency in the application of CAE technology leads to variability in results.
Automation is the key to improving consistency. In manufacturing, automation was the key to improving product quality – and it will be in CAE as well. At the same time, automation cannot discourage creativity or compromise flexibility; CAE engineers need to be able to exercise professional judgement.

Hexagon (MSC Software) provides tools for automation of CAE processes that capture knowledge and best practices, and can be used to automate any step in the simulation process, even across multiple disciplines. Our interactive environment for authoring best practice “templates” is easy to learn & use for everyone from casual user to expert analyst. Our templates are also flexible, allowing the end user to execute them step-by-step, fully automated, or anything in between.

Hexagon’s process automation include:

  • Patran Command Language (PCL)
  • Adams templates (Python)
  • SimXpert templates (Python & other programming languages)
  • Mentat scripting
  • SimManager application encapsulation scripts
  • SimDesigner scripting (visual basic)
SimXpert Template Builder
Templates leveraged by design engineers & analysts throughout the enterprise
Execution of best practices in SimXpert

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