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Systems and Controls

Application domain

Most of the products we rely on today are actually mechatronic systems comprised of mechanical components; pneumatic, hydraulic or electrical control subsystems; and electronic control units. Engineering these complex systems is a true multidiscipline design challenge that is often not fully tested and validated until late in the product development process, leading to costly design changes.

Traditional « build & test » methods and isolated tools for the virtual prototyping of mechanical, electrical, or controls systems neglect important interactions between disciplines, leading to incomplete or inaccurate results. Hexagon’s (MSC Software) multidiscipline simulation solutions allow engineers to validate and optimize complete mechatronic system performance, improve product quality, and save time and money by avoiding late design changes.

Capabilities include:
Complete system virtual prototyping
Ready to use application libraries such as Thermal Hydraulics and Powertrain Library
Controls Modeling & Analysis

EASY5 provides easy to use and interactive modeling environment that allows users to create systems models by selecting from an extensive library of pre-defined components representing complex physical elements like gears, pumps, valves, and heat exchangers for example, and these simulation techniques can be applied to an extremely broad spectrum of complex systems such as vehicle stability and anti-lock braking systems to HVAC systems, robotics and flight control systems, and anywhere in-between. EASY5 models are fully compatible with Adams, MD Adams, and SimXpert Motion mechanical modeling & analysis tools.

Adams Graphical User Environment for building mechanical systems
Adams models integrated with EASY5
Mechanical Modeling & Analysis

Adams and MD Adams provide accurate and efficient multibody dynamics and motion analysis of 3D mechanical systems. The core package (Adams/View, Adams/Solver, and Adams/PostProcessor) allows you to import geometry from most major CAD systems or to build a solid model of the mechanical system from scratch. Adams models can be integrated with EASY5 controls models directly, or via co-simulation for full multidiscipline analysis.

Satellite dish with integrated electronic control system model
Co-simulation mechanical system and controls system engineering
Optimizing size and performance for a hydraulic pump

Controls plug-in in Adams and MD Adams allow simultaneous linking of sophisticated controls to your mechanical system. This synchronous approach facilitates studying the non-independent interactions in a complex system at an early stage. Adams/Controls and controls applications, such as EASY5 and MATLAB, communicate by passing state variables back and forth allowing a controller to drive an Adams model in open- or closed-loop fashion. This concurrent exchange of information improves accuracy and efficiency resulting in a productive design environment.

Integrating electronic stability control in your vehicle model
Aircraft landing gear system with integrated hydraulic control system model
Integrated Mechatronic Simulation

Mechatronics plug-in in MD Adams can be used to directly incorporate control systems into mechanical models by dynamically linking an external system library from a controls application, such as EASY5 and MATLAB, into Adams. Controls models can be leveraged and reused by those who are not familiar with the control systems. It makes the process of performing complete system level investigations like complex vehicle-controller interaction more straightforward. Control system parameters can be quickly adjusted for evaluation and included in a design study for simultaneous optimization of both control system and mechanical system.

Industry Uses:
  • Aerospace & Defense: Hydraulic flight control systems, Landing gears and brakes, Electrical power systems, Turbo Machinery, Valves and controls
  • Automotive : Hybrid electric vehicles, Cooling/Heating systems, Transmissions, Power Steering
  • Government: Robotic Arm dynamics, Propulsion RCS, Satellite dynamics and control systems
  • Transportation: Hydraulic system components, Motors and Drives, Engine Lubrication, Front Loader, Hydrostatic Transmission, Cranking circuits, Electronic control system
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