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Hexagon (MSC Software) MVision & Hexagon (MSC Software) Enterprise Mvision

Create Materially Better Designs

If you are a designer, simulation engineer, or materials scientist and are tired of not having a reliable place to get and maintain accurate material property information, the Mvision materials data management system is for you. In contrast to spreadsheets and simple databases, MVision is a comprehensive system to capture, analyze, maintain, and deploy consistent material property information throughout your company. MVision is optimized specifically for managing material property data from test acquisition through usage via CAD and CAE tools.

Using MVision, customer designs become consistent by selecting materials from a company standard electronic catalog or library. Accurate material alternative evaluations and cost analysis is made possible. The risk of error in simulation is decreased as common properties are used by the entire community and property data can be made available in popular pre- and post-processors without the end user having to key in critical values.

Benefits leading global companies have realized using MVision include:

  • Optimized material selection based on a single, authoritative source
  • Consistent use of the same properties across design, engineering, and manufacturing
  • Reduced risk of error by eliminating manual data entry
  • Eliminate time wasted searching for property data values
  • Traceability of material pedigree to comply with policies and regulations
  • Protection of corporate materials intellectual property
  • Accelerated process and product innovation

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