Our Mission

D2S International is an industrial engineering and research company specialised in dynamic behaviour as it relates to stress, fatigue, noise, vibrations, annoyance and legislation.

The core competency of the company is designing new systems and engineering solutions for existing problems in the field of noise and vibrations. The activities can be segmented into railway, building and environmental and numerical simulations.

The railway segment focuses on fixed installations for rail transport systems and performs noise and vibration impact studies with special attention to the track design and its interaction with the infrastructure (bridges, tunnels,) aimed at minimising airborne noise as well as ground borne noise and vibrations.

When dealing with annoyance issues such as corrugation, squeal noise and impact noise from turnouts, public transport operators benefit from knowledge gained by D2S International in its role of coordinator of major European research projects on these subjects.

D2S International prides itself at proposing cost effective solutions that are also low maintenance and thus contributes to low life cycle costs.

Building and environment centres on the acoustical comfort in buildings with special attention to the minimisation of noise from technical installations or ground borne noise entering the building through its foundations.

In addition, offices, meeting rooms and auditoria are studied to optimise their sound qualities for their intended use. A specialty is the design and implementation of public address systems for railway stations, an environment well known for incomprehensive announcements.

This segment also executes environmental assessment for new or extended facilities that have a potential impact on the existing noise levels.

Numerical simulations applies a wide variety of engineering software to study the mechanical behaviour and the interaction of structures and systems in a variety of applications in the automotive, marine, railway and heavy industry.

The level of sophistication and the broad scope of the available software have attracted a diverse and loyal customer base.