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Structural vibrations & Foundations

For the dynamic analysis of civil structures, D2S International proposes an innovative approach, that combines experimental and numerical analyses for an optimised design.

Experimental analyses:

  • measurement of stresses;
  • measurement of vibrational levels;
  • experimental modal analysis;
  • signature analysis;
  • specific vibrational measurements: impedance of piles, vibrational levels during driving of piles in the soil.
  • vibrational monitoring of sensitive areas to external sources (construction work, … ).

Numerical analyses:

  • structural modelling of structures & buildings using finite element methods to calculate their vibrational behaviour, leading to an optimized dynamic behaviour: less vibrations, improved life time and reduced stress levels.
  • design of seismic and anti-vibrational foundations of industrial (paper mills, crushers, vibrating screens, …) and laboratory buildings (micro-electronics, research labs, …).

Vibration isolation of factory floor bearing weaving-looms

Rigidification of steel structure to avoid resonant behaviour

Rigidification of steel structure underneath vibrating screen

Stiffness measurement of pile foundation