Services – Environmental acoustics and vibrations

Study of the environmental impact of all types of noise and vibration sources

D2S International is a certified body for the study, control and monitoring of noise and vibration for the Belgian (Flemish and Walloon) and Luxemburg administration.

D2S International has a wide range of measurement equipment for all kind of situations and environments.

  • D2S International is fully equipped for short and long term monitoring of noise and/or vibration for both indoor and outdoor applications.
  • For new projects, this can be also be done by numerical modelling according to national or internal standards (noise) or based on special vibration propagation line models (vibration).
  • D2S International studies both the impact (environmental impact assessment) and the mitigation measures (noise and vibration control).

Environmental Impact Assessment

Study of problems of environmental noise:

  • Short- and long-term noise measurements with audio registration and automated control.
  • Calculation of acoustical loads along roads, railways, airports, integrating effects of soil, screening and topography.
  • Calculation of 3D noise maps and action plans software for predictive noise maps.
  • Noise mapping software according to more than 20 different national and international standards, including EU directives.
  • Modelling to evaluate the acoustical impact of industrial complexes on the environment.

Study of problems of vibration nuisance:

  • Measurement and calculation of vibrational loads along railways and of industrial sources.
  • Calculation of vibrational maps and action plans.
  • Vibration monitoring for sensitive equipment during nearby construction work: automated control and alarm notification.

Vibration monitoring in computer room

Numerical model of noise emission of bus depot

Long-term outdoor noise measurement

Noise Control

The aim of these studies is to make machines, installations and buildings compliant with environmental or occupational noise criteria.

Noise criteria can be imposed by regional, national or international standards for environmental or occupational noise emission or immission.

Problems tackled vary from:

  • noise reduction emitted by house appliances, vehicles, industrial machines, concrete drilling machines, …
  • noise reduction of industrial installations: compressors, piping, engines, presses, laminators, …
  • noise reduction of industrial buildings containing noisy equipment;
  • noise isolation of music halls, theatres, ea. to the environment.

Anti-vibration mounts underneath shredder

Noise control of outdoor cooling unit


D2S International designs and installs monitoring devices for the continuous measurement of custom selected parameters such as noise, vibrations, stress, temperature, soil pressure and many more.

Monitoring can prevent damage to buildings, structures & sensitive equipment, can demonstrate annoyances to residents living nearby or can assist during legal procedures.

Monitoring data can be transmitted through secured internet connections to our servers in our HQ.

24/7 alerting by text message (SMS) in case pre-set levels are exceeded, is possible.

Monitoring devices are installed during construction works (piling, drilling, excavation, demolishment) or for permanent monitoring. Examples are vibration monitoring of satellite communication links, server rooms, noise monitoring along airport runways, soil slope stability monitoring, …

During excavation

During demolition