Antwerp Tower, located at De Keyserlei in the central shopping district of Antwerp, is an iconic image in Antwerp due to its orange glass, and will be completely stripped.

Matexi will be transforming the tower in the city into a mix of retail, hotel and no less than 230 apartments, each with a unique, breathtaking view of the city.

Started in September 2016, the goal is to finish the project by December 2020. Two floors will be demolished to enable rebuilding five more, which will make Antwerp Tower 100.6 meters high.


As acoustical consultant, D2S International has been requested to assist Matexi in this process.

We performed a preliminary acoustic study, enabling Matexi to take into account possible alternatives, and published acoustic specifications (according to Belgian and internationals standards for residential buildings, hotels and retail) for both the project developer and its architect, Wiel Arets Architects (WAA).

The aim of the project is to realise a superior acoustical comfort for all penthouses, and a normal acoustical comfort for all apartments.

D2S International will also assist architect and owner during the realisation of the transformation works, and perform control measurements after completion.

© Wiel Arets Architects

© Wiel Arets Architects

D2S International offers a completely integrated approach to building acoustics, room acoustics and structural vibrations.

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