The project

This office building project is developed in downtown Charleroi, on a plot bounded by the Boulevard Joseph Tirou, the Rue Jean Monnet, the Rue de la Fenderie and the Quai de la Prison.

It provides a new use, within the urban fabric, to a plot formerly serving as an open air parking lot. The 11,400 m² project involves constructing an office building with 9 above-ground levels (ground floor and 7 levels accessible to employees, plus a technical floor) and 3 basement parking levels with 76 places, including 3 for disabled persons and a dedicated parking area for more than 40 bikes.

Developer Charleroi Tirou Promotion SPRL and its shareholder IRET Development were looking to achieve a particularly environmentally efficient building meeting the BREEAM “Very Good” standard.

Text: courtesy of Willemen Groep / Franki.
Pictures: courtesy of Jaspers-Eyers.

Our role

For this project, D2S International acted as acoustic consultant.

A first report analyzed the objective to achieve compliance with Breeam Hea 05 – Acoustic performance and Breeam Pol 05 – Noise attenuation.

The first part of the study treated Breeam Hea 05 – Acoustic performance.
The report contained information on the criteria, results of acoustic measurements of the actual situation, determination of the façade insulation as well as information on reverberation time.
The acoustic measurements were performed according to EN 12354-3 “Building acoustics. Estimation of acoustic performance in buildings from the performance of elements. Airborne sound insulation against outdoor sound”.

The second part of the study covered Breeam Pol 05 – Noise attenuation.
The criteria of both regional standards and Breeam were explained. In this particular case, it turned out regional criteria were more severe than Breeam criteria; it was decided to seek compliance with these regional criteria.

A next report contained all technical specifications on façade insulation, sound insulation, impact sound insulation, control of reverberation time and technical installations.

After realization of the project, D2S International performed control measurements.
These measurements allow verifying if all criteria are met. In case irregularities were found, the report clearly indicated which measures had to be taken.

D2S International offers a completely integrated approach to building acoustics, room acoustics and structural vibrations; our studies are homologated by BREEAM (GB), HQE (F) or DGNE (D) Standards.

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