The project

The ‘Draïeck Dikrech’ property development project, run by Luxembourg developer Coogee SARL, sees the redevelopment of the historic site which involves the creation of 200 homes, offices and commercial spaces, including the new brewery “Brasserie de Luxembourg” and its offices.

Our role

Building sites, operating equipment, as well as some establishments or activities may have an impact on man and/or the environment.
D2S International was contacted to perform the study C/IC on acoustics and vibrations in order to obtain the acoustical and vibrational permits for the project for the demolition stage, construction and exploitation stage.

Especially for the demolition of the old brewery, vibration danger or nuisance towards the neighborhood was feared for. D2S International is a notified body for noise and vibration for the Luxembourg Government and was asked to undertake a previsional study.

Before works started, D2S International made a working plan. This working plan described the different scenarios (depending on operating equipment used) and gave an overview of the works and the possible nuisance. It also contained a listing of all measurement points which, in a later stadium, were to be used for acoustic and vibration measurements. Finally, the working plan gave the methodology for the acoustic and vibration measurements as well as the criteria to be achieved.
During the initial phase, a measurement campaign was performed according to the working plan. The results of this measurement campaign were presented in a report. This report contained the results of each scenario studied, and proposed several measures to avoid any possible nuisance.

D2S International offers a completely integrated approach to building acoustics, room acoustics and structural vibrations.

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