This project concerned the guard rail analysis and verification for the Pylaia-depot in Thessaloniki.

The analysis performed is based on a multibody analysis. Special attention was drawn to lateral forces, lateral displacements and derailment quotient (Y/Q ratio) when negotiating a very tight curve (R60m) in the depot at 30km/h.

The purpose was to evaluate the running behaviour of vehicles equipped with the standard S1002 wheel profile, a new developed wheel profile with higher equivalent conicity and a worn wheel profile. The effect of the vehicle velocity on the running behaviour is also investigated.

Conclusion of the study was that for all cases, the guard rail was never touched and no derailment warning occurred (the Y/Q ratio remains within the limits of regulation EN14363:2005). Vehicles equipped with the new developed wheel profile give the best results.

Contactpatch visualisation : worn wheel profile with rail and guard rail

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