The project is part of the redevelopment of the neighbourhood ‘Tweewaters’ in Leuven, and is situated between Vaartkom en the river Dijle.
In addition to the Balk van Beel (finished and in use) and the Twist (construction phase), AG Real Estate will be constructing a mixed residential project, consisting of apartments, service flats and retail.

The project consists of two buildings, ‘Toren’ and ‘Balk’, which account for nearly 27 000 m². Compliance is requested with the Belgian standard NBN S 01-400-1 (2008/01) “Acoustic criteria for residential buildings”.

Our mission takes several stages of the project, ranging from assistance during the preliminary design and the permit applications, to inspections during and after the realization, and assistance on reception of the buildings.

D2S International offers a completely integrated approach to building acoustics, room acoustics and structural vibrations.

For more information, check our website or contact Geert Desanghere.