Track renewal in Brussels, Square Maurice Van Meenen, Avenue de Lombardie

This article briefly describes the noise and vibration studies related to the track renewal in Brussels, Square Maurice Van Meenen to Avenue de Lombardie. In this project, the entire cycle from noise and vibration study, over track replacement and ending with validation measurements, has been completed.

The purpose of the noise and vibration impact study is to allow STIB / MIVB to make the most appropriate choice of track type (i.e. the most cost-effective solution) taking into account the noise and vibration limits imposed by the Brussels Capital Region. During this study, noise measurements, soil transmission measurements and measurements of the current vibration levels during passage of tramway vehicles in a number of critical sections defined by D2S International were performed. The result of the study was the recommendation that in part of the studied zone, vibration mitigation measures were required in order to comply with the imposed standards; a floating slab track was required in some areas.

During the track replacement works, STIB / MIVB asked D2S International to supervise the installation of the floating slab track. The goal of this supervision is to pinpoint potential issues in the installation of the floating slab that could lead to a decrease in vibration mitigation performance. Additionally, if necessary, D2S International proposes potential practical solutions to the encountered issues.

The final phase of the project consisted of validation measurements after track replacement; in the critical sections, vibration levels during passage of the tramway vehicles were measured and compliance with the imposed vibration limits was evaluated. At the floating slab track locations, transmission loss measurements were performed as well to evaluate the good functioning of the floating slab track.

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