In the city of Ghent, Belgium, Tram Line 4 Extension was opened on March 13th, 2016.

D2S International engineered 800 m of noise and vibration mitigating track, partly grass track. Particular attention was given to the university hospital buildings, housing sensitive equipment.

Leaving the station, Tram Line 4 now follows the route of line 21/22 towards the intersection Galglaan / De Pintelaan. Tram Line 4 continues to UZ Gent – the exact route has been subject of an in-depth study. A tram terminus with two platforms and waiting accommodation for the travellers has been installed at the parking, close to the new main entrance of UZ Gent.

Tram Line 4 has its own bedding. This required ± 800 meters of double track and overhead line, as well as automatically controlled switches and a traction drive. Modern noise and vibration mitigation measurements were used at the construction.

Utility companies started their works in March 2014. As from March 2016, the new route of Tram Line 4 is in use.

The accessibility of UZ Gent improved with this fast and comfortable tram ride from Sint-Pieterstation and the city center. Hospital visitors find a tram stop near the main entrance of UZ Gent. This encourages them to opt more often for public transport, reducing traffic jams on Corneel Heymanslaan and E17.

De Lijn took care of the installation of tram tracks and infrastructure to the domain of UZ Gent. Ghent was responsible for the reconstruction of the streets. The utility company TMVW modified all necessary draining.

UZ Gent, Tram Line 4
UZ Gent, Tram Line 4