Building Acoustics

Building Acoustics includes the complete acoustical design of a building to comply with the imposed acoustical criteria.


Buildings can contain any combination of housing areas, hotels, offices, shops, music halls and theatres. Compliance can be designed for, towards company, regional, national, international or EU standards.

The study can include all stages of the building process: feasability, design, realisation, renovation, verification.

Studies includes aspects such as:

  • facade isolation towards external loads: surface or air transport, industrial noise sources
  • isolation to airborne and structural borne noise from adjacent or superposed rooms
  • integration of technical installations for heating, cooling, IT installations insided residential or office building
  • reverberation and speech comprehension in meeting and conference rooms
  • noise control in open space offices, lobbies and atria.

Integration of Restaurant in Office Building

Sound Distribution in Open Space Office

Measurement of Airborne Noise Isolation

Acoustical Performance of Classroom

Measurement of Façade Isolation