Desktop Tools for Linear, Nonlinear, and Thermal Analysis

Budget constraints shouldn’t force you to compromise on the quality of your CAE tools. You still need the power and reliability of tools that are trusted by your industry peers, compatibility with the tools of your customers and suppliers, and solutions that will grow with your business.

FEA, AFEA, and TFEA provide desktop access to the power and reliability of MSC Nastran, Marc, Sinda, and Patran in budget-friendly packages. Models and results are 100% compatible with the standard versions of Nastran, Marc, and Sinda, assuring a seamless upgrade path and compatibility with suppliers and customers who use these tools.

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FEA combines the power and ease of use of two of Hexagon’s most popular software programs, MSC Nastran and Patran, into a cost-effective, fully integrated solution tailored for the needs of the mechanical engineer. FEA combines CAD interfaces, geometric modelling, finite element pre- and post-processing, and comprehensive analysis capabilities into a single integrated software package.
With FEA, use your existing CAD models, such as CATIA™, Unigraphics™ and Pro/Engineer™ in an integrated simulation environment.
You can perform a wide variety of analysis from linear statics, heat transfer, nonlinear, dynamics, and optimization with FEA using the MSC Nastran solver.


AFEA combines the power of Patran, the leading finite element pre- and post-processor and the advanced nonlinear and thermal FEA capabilities of Marc. AFEA solves a wide variety of complex structural and thermal problems including coupled thermal-structural investigation.
AFEA allows access to all of Patran’s meshing and CAD integration tools. In addition, a multitude of sophisticated material models are supported, including composites, viscoelastic, and experimental data of elastomers for simulation using Marc. Complex contact boundary conditions and problems involving multiple load histories may also be modelled with ease. Adaptive re-meshing is included to solve difficult problems involving extreme deformations.
AFEA solves a wide range of problems, from simple linear statics to complex nonlinear contact, buckling, dynamics, and heat transfer analyses and can take full advantage of multi-processor platforms to dramatically reduce solution time.

TFEA – Everything a thermal engineer needs

TFEA couples the power and flexibility of the Sinda thermal analysis solver with Patran for a cost-effective, fully integrated thermal analysis tool designed for the thermal engineer. TFEA includes the full Sinda thermal analyser, a thermal version of Patran, the SindaRad view factor radiation solver, and the Patran Exchange Package for direct access to several popular types of CAD and CAE models. Using TFEA, thermal engineers easily build models using a resistance-capacitance network approach that they can use to study the impact of material properties, boundary conditions, and other design parameters on thermal performance. TFEA also integrates with other thermal analysis tools including SindaRad, NEVADA, THERMICA, TSS, and TRASYS, and supports thermal distortion and thermal stress analysis by passing temperatures to a structural model.

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