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Accurate, Efficient & Affordable Finite Element Analysis

MSC Nastran is the world’s most widely used Finite Element Analysis (FEA) solver. When it comes to simulating stress, dynamics, or vibration of real-world, complex systems, MSC Nastran is still the best and most trusted software in the world – period. Today, manufacturers of everything from parts to complex assemblies are choosing the FEA solver that is reliable and accurate enough to be certified by the FAA and other regulatory agencies.

Engineers and analysts tasked with virtual prototyping are challenged to produce results fast enough to impact design decisions, and accurate enough to give their companies and management the confidence to replace physical prototypes. In today’s world, nobody has time or budget to spend evaluating the accuracy of their FEA software – you need to know it’s right.

MSC Nastran is built on work done by NASA scientists and researchers, and is trusted to design mission critical systems in every industry. Nearly every spacecraft, aircraft, and vehicle designed in the last 40 years has been analysed using MSC Nastran. In recent years, Hexagon has applied some of the best and brightest scientists in CAE to extend MSC Nastran’s power and efficiency, resulting in its continued status as the world’s best, most trusted, and most widely used FEA software – period. New modular packaging that enable you to get only what you need makes it more affordable to own Nastran than ever.

Capabilities include:
Structural solutions that take the risk out of simulation

Stress analysts, durability engineers, and designers at nearly every automotive OEM and airframe manufacturer around the globe use MSC Nastran for structural analysis because they know they can trust the results.

MSC Nastran has a comprehensive element library, including specialty elements like welds, bushings, and fasteners that accurately model complete assemblies. Solution options include linear and nonlinear statics, 3D contact, dynamics, acoustics, thermal analysis, and more. Built in capabilities for sensitivity analysis, parameter studies, and optimization enable you to find optimal sizing, shape, topology, topography and topometry optimization simultaneously to find better designs.

The world’s most efficient and accurate FEA solution for dynamics

When it comes to modelling and analysing large systems for vibration, transient response, or any other dynamic loading condition, MSC Nastran is still the best and most efficient solution available. Key capabilities include Automated Component Mode Synthesis (ACMS), rotor dynamics, external superelements, FRF (frequency response function) based substructuring, Transfer Path Analysis (TPA), interior acoustics, and more.

Composites analysis validates new material choices

MSC Nastran provides capabilities to model and evaluate composites for performance and failure against both structural and thermal load cases. Nastran offers VCCT and cohesive zone modelling for composite failure, and calculation of stress intensity factors using either the VCCT or Lorenzi method to predict delamination.

High performance FEA for fast results

MSC Nastran is tuned for high performance and optimized for large scale systems, assemblies, and dynamics. Key capabilities include Automated Component Modal Synthesis (ACMS) for large modal based analyses and NVH simulations, automated external superelements, shared memory parallel (SMP) and distributed memory parallel (DMP) options.

Adams integration makes multidiscipline practical

MSC Nastran computes modal neutral files (.mnf) for direct integration into Adams models to incorporate linear dynamics of individual components into multibody dynamics models. In addition, Adams models are easily linearized about an operating point and converted into superelements that can be used in MSC Nastran assembly models. Real-world applications include incorporating chassis and suspension models from Adams into full vehicle Nastran models for noise and vibration assessment in the mid-frequency range.

Compatibility assured with MD Nastran

Models, analysis setup, and results from MSC Nastran are all 100% compatible with MD Nastran, so that when you are ready to go to full multidiscipline analysis, your investment in Nastran is protected.

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