How Companies Good at Simulation Become Great

For companies using simulation that need to improve productivity and solution quality, SimManager is a Virtual Build & Test Management system that manages all aspects of performing simulation. SimManager is focused on meeting the sophisticated data management and processing needs specific to the simulation community.

Our customers appreciate our deep understanding of their CAE issues and how wisdom gained from our experience can help them in ways that others cannot. We provide a complete solution that brings together your people, process, and technology to streamline simulation operations.

Implementing the discipline of Virtual Build & Test Management gets simulation activities completed efficiently and effectively, gaining the best return on all resources. SimManager is a web-based virtual build & test data management system that manages all simulation data and processes from project initiation through final report generation.

Using SimManager, customer simulation operations become more productive and effective; reducing the cost and time it takes to bring better products to market. Competitive advantages that scale from a small workgroup to company-wide use include:

  • Increased Productivity
  • Improved Quality
  • Standardization and Establishment of Best Practices
  • Effective Collaboration
  • Integrated Teamwork
  • Shorter Product Development Times
  • Accelerated Process and Product Innovation
The results show that we increased the throughput of simulations by 35% with the same amount of people.
Dr. Michael Holzner

Audi AG

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