Tongeren (BE)

Bus depot, case study for Life Cycle Cost Analysis

The target was to deliver, in a common effort with De Lijn a LCC model for a Bus Depot and to perform LCC calculations, which should give indications about the influence of important project parameters on the total life cycle cost. The final aim of De Lijn is to use the obtained results to introduce more standardised parameters (elements, concepts) into the design.

Manila (PH)

Elevated rail infrastructure, LCCA of the track systems

A life cycle cost analysis of the track systems of Metro Line 1, 2 and Metro Line 1 North Extension in Manila, Philippines, is performed. The objective of this study was to compare the investment costs, maintenance costs and renewal costs of three different track systems used by the LRTA in Manila for their elevated tracks. A normal maintenance program for the three different systems is assumed. The final LCC result of each track system is the total cost over a period of 60 years for a certain track length.