Anti-vibration tracks – Fastenerless embedded track

In classical continuously supported embedded tracks, one elastomer is poured around and below the rail. To ensure proper track stability this elastomer has to be stiff, which results in poor vibration isolation characteristics.

D2S International has designed a continuously supported resilient track system consisting of two different elastomers:

  • one soft elastomer around the rail foot;
  • one stiff elastomer around the rail web.

The stiff layer sticks to the rail, but is free to move in the vertical direction relative to the surrounding concrete slab. Vertical grooves on the interface between this stiff layer and surrounding concrete slab enable to suppress any longitudinal displacement of the track.

This track fixation system has been successfully tested:

  • in lab (static, dynamic and fatigue tests);
  • numerically (finite element method).

The transfer functions measured on D2S International embedded track show no significant resonance. In comparison with the conventional embedded tracks, they are highly damped, what is important to prevent corrugation development.