MD Nastran

Integrated, Multidiscipline CAE Solution

MD Nastran is an integrated simulation system with a broad set of multidiscipline analysis capabilities based on proven CAE technologies. MD Nastran enables product manufacturers to simulate everything from a single part to complex assemblies and carry out a diverse set of virtual tests. By providing a single platform for a wide range of applications, MD Nastran offers cost savings and efficiencies across engineering CAE teams. Engineers at both small businesses and large manufacturers are often required to run a multitude of tests to ensure effective designs. While simulation solutions have helped in replacing some of the physical tests, the disparate solutions for different types of tests has placed added burden on analysts and IT departments to maintain several products. MD Nastran can be used for multiple CAE discipline studies including multi-physics analysis. In addition to all the capabilities of MSC Nastran, MD Nastran offers a complete set of nonlinear analysis capabilities in both implicit and explicit solution technology, thermal and exterior acoustics and also the coupling analysis between various disciplines such as thermal structural and fluid structure interaction. This enables organizations to realize the benefits of a single solution without sacrificing performance, accuracy or solution capabilities.
Capabilities include:
Modal analysis of aircraft wing
Rotor dynamics analysis
Thermal mechanical analysis
Scalable solution based on MSC Nastran foundation

MD Nastran is built on the foundation of MSC Nastran. All the MSC Nastran input files are 100% compatible with MD Nastran, making it easier for you to migrate to MD Nastran’s multidiscipline capabilities. With the familiar Nastran input file format, it is easy for you to convert your models for nonlinear analysis and perhaps couple with other disciplines. MSC Nastran provides a scalable, affordable, and easy growth path to MD Nastran packages.

Fuselage load analysis
Car door impact study
Multidiscipline solution for improved efficiency

Rarely does a structure have to conform to design criteria from a single discipline. Multiple factors and often multiple disciplines need to be accounted for an effective design. The multiple disciplines could be as simple as a linear static load and a frequency study or as complex as accounting for loads from a multibody dynamic analysis for a crash study (e.g. vehicle skidding and impacting a barrier) or doing an implicit nonlinear analysis for pre-stress study followed by an impact study using explicit analysis which may still be followed by implicit analysis for any residual stresses.

Analysts often have to use multiple, incompatible tools to solve these various aspects of the design. However, accounting for the mutual influence can be cumbersome and sometimes simple impossible. Analysts have to resort to approximations or omission of the effects of some of the disciplines, which could lead to a non-optimal solution.

MD Nastran offers multiple advantages in tackling these problems:

  • It offers a single platform for a wide range of disciplines. It leads to efficiencies in terms of model creation and maintenance.
  • It facilitates smooth communication between disciplines. Multiple disciplines can be chained to account for effects of one type of analysis on another. For example, pre-stress results can easily be included in a dynamic study.
  • It enables simultaneous incorporation of multiple disciplines in a single model. This coupling helps in obtaining a more accurate solution and possibly a better optimized solution.
Topology optimization of spare tire mounts
Multidiscipline optimization

MD Nastran supports the same optimization capabilities of MSC Nastran. However, the response and constraint functions can now be extended to multiple disciplines supported by MD Nastran as well.

  • Includes multidiscipline response and constraint functions. E.g. exterior acoustic response as well.
  • Nonlinear response optimization capabilities to account for nonlinear behaviour of the system.
  • Multi-model optimization going beyond a single model. With the use of multiple models running multiple analyses (e.g. modal, implicit nonlinear, crash), it gives broad flexibility to users to optimize the structures for multiple disciplines.
Brake analysis (thermal-structural)
Acoustic-structural coupling
Multiphysics for enhanced accuracy

Product development teams need to verify and optimize their designs for multiple disciplines, including those with various physics like thermal, acoustics and fluids. They need to understand how thermal history or thermal state affects structural behaviour, how vehicle trims influence cabin acoustics or how flow induced stresses or deformation affect a system’s behaviour.

With support for a chained, uncoupled approach and a coupling method, MD Nastran gives you the flexibility to include the influence of multiple physical phenomena on your designs. Scalability of MD Nastran also enables you to conduct full vehicle studies without sacrificing accuracy. A few examples of the problems that can be addressed by MD Nastran are:

  • Interior and exterior acoustics
  • Brake squeal analysis
  • Fluid filled bottles
  • Hydroplaning
  • Brake heating
  • Plastic heat generation during forming
Multidiscipline modelling and pre/post-processing support with Patran
Multidiscipline modelling and pre/post-processing support with SimXpert

Integrated pre/post-processing support

You can drive all MD Nastran products through the common GUI offered by Patran and SimXpert, two of Hexagon’s (MSC Software) modeling and pre- and post processor solutions. MSC Patran is the world’s most widely used pre/post-processing software for Finite Element Analysis (FEA), providing solid modelling, meshing, and analysis setup for Nastran, MD Nastran, Marc, Abaqus, LS-DYNA, ANSYS, and Pam-Crash.

MSC Patran is the world’s most widely used pre/post-processing software for Finite Element Analysis (FEA), providing solid modelling, meshing, and analysis setup for Nastran, MD Nastran, Marc, Abaqus, LS-DYNA, ANSYS, and Pam-Crash.

SimXpert is a next generation simulation platform providing a fully integrated multidiscipline user environment. Integrated with Hexagon’s (MSC Software) advanced multidiscipline (MD) solver technologies, SimXpert provides an efficient end-to-end solution that gives users native CAD access with bi-directional interoperability, pre-processing, solving, post processing, report generation, and automation capabilities within a single easy-to-use solution.

Flow across flow
Composite failure

Partner technologies

MD Nastran is more than a collection of features. It is an integrated solution that enables you to solve various simulation problems across multiple disciplines. To achieve this it has integrated the nonlinear technology from Marc and Eulerian explicit dynamics of Dytran are integrated with MSC Nastran’s foundation technology. In addition, Hexagon (MSC Software) has integrated various technologies from our partners.

  • Freefield Technologies – Exterior acoustics capabilities to couple with structural analysis
  • AlphaStar – Micromechanical failure models for composites for better accuracy
  • LSTC – Explicit dynamic analysis of structures, which is coupled with Dytran’s technology

Acknowledging the diverse collection of CFD solutions used at various companies, Hexagon (MSC Software) has also developed an OpenFSI solution with the ability to interact with any fluid analysis code. This helps with the coupling of structural and fluid analysis without restricting users to a specific CFD solution.

Industry Uses:
  • Aerospace & Defence : Ground loads, flight loads, engine, wings, structures, aerodynamics
  • Automotive : N&V, vehicle dynamics, durability, brake squeal, engines, seals, powertrain
  • Electronics : Cell phones, MEMS devices, computer equipment, industrial electronics, consumer electronics
  • Energy : Wind turbines, gear boxes, solar power, oil and gas equipment
  • Heavy Equipment : Construction equipment, farm equipment, ATV vehicles, plant equipment
  • Machinery : Conveying systems, paper handing, plant equipment, construction equipment
  • Medical : Cardiovascular, blood bags, drug delivery, imaging equipment, physical medicine, orthopaedics
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