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Advanced Thermal Analysis

When the ability to solve heat transfer problems is essential for delivering a product of robust, high quality, you need thermal analysis software with a proven track record for accuracy, reliability, and flexibility. The Sinda family of thermal design products has been relied on by aerospace and high technology companies worldwide for over a quarter century.

Sinda Analyzer:

Since no two designs are alike, the Sinda analyzer provides a variety of steady state and transient solution methods plus the ability to customize and optimize a thermal model by adding whatever degree of programming logic the problem requires. Sinda uses a resistance-capacitance networking approach to thermal analysis that is user-intuitive. To simplify model building and clearly display the results, Sinda transparently links into a variety of pre and post processors from the Sinda Office Toolkit top-level modeler to the Patran FEA full-structural modeler.


mscsinda1THERMICA is a comprehensive thermal modeling system developed by spacecraft thermal engineers at EADS Astrium. It transparently incorporates Sinda into a powerful graphical environment where thermal models are constructed with the true geometric shapes (cylinders, disks, cones, etc) that are used by the radiation code. THERMICA uses Sinda as its thermal solver, and thus produces fully documented Sinda thermal models. It is especially well adapted to spacecraft modeling, and can display extensive 2D and 3D graphics as well as animations of orbits, orbital heating, and other thermal design data.

Sinda for Patran:

Sinda for Patran fully integrates Sinda with Patran or MSC Nastran. This product combines a full-featured version of the Sinda thermal analyzer with the Sinda to Patran plug-in interface. It is intended for the customer who already uses Patran as their modeler, but additionally wants the capabilities and accuracy of Sinda’s resistance-capacitance networked approach to thermal analysis. If view factor radiation is an issue, the optional SindaRad radiation solver can compute the radiation from tens of thousands of surfaces in one or two orders of magnitude less time than traditional methods.

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