Motorcycle, recreational vehicle, train, commercial truck, and bus manufacturers are challenged to design more efficient, more comfortable, and more modern vehicles while looking for opportunities to take cost out of their design process.

MSC.Software provides virtual prototyping solutions for the transportation industry that are in use at more leading manufacturers around the world than any other.

MSC solutions for the transportation industry include:

  • Chassis modelling & analysis
  • Body engineering
  • Engine modelling & analysis
  • Powertrain modelling & analysis
  • Seal & bearing analysis
  • Chassis analysis
  • Vehicle dynamics
  • Durability & fatigue
  • Virtual test track
  • Loads prediction & modelling
  • Noise & vibration (NVH)
  • Crash & safety analysis
  • Full vehicle modelling & analysis
  • Acoustics
  • Fuel economy
  • Tire modelling & analysis
Semi-truck lane change

Semi-truck lane change

Military armoured vehicle

Military armoured vehicle

ATV on 4-post shaker

ATV on 4-post shaker

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