Anti-vibration tracks – Booted sleeper system for ballasted track

Undertie pads are effective for reducing structure borne noise and vibrations. The D2S International systems for ballasted track are superior to other systems. They include elastomer pads with a low dynamic to static spring rate, which are protected by a rubber boot against damage from tamping operations.

Their vibration mitigation performance is drastically improved by the use of a rigid layer inside the boot. This rigid layer is inserted under the elastomer pad. It ensures a homogeneous load distribution in the elastomer and hence an optimal functioning of the elastomer. This homogeneous load distribution cannot be achieved by a single elastomer pad resting on ballast.

The D2S International systems are used with wooden and concrete ties, in tangent track and with special trackwork (crossings, turnouts, …). They can be pre-installed on new ties or attached on site to existing ties.

The D2S International booted undertie pads reduce the transmission of structure borne noise and vibrations with controlled rail displacements.



  • average vibration reduction of 10 dB in comparison with ballasted track, also when used with special trackwork;
  • controlled vertical and horizontal rail displacements (below 1, 2 or 3 mm depending on system specifications);
  • long term performance due to protection by rubber boot.